Mexico-based ecommerce portal that lets users buy and rent books online, as well as displays featured and popular books. This ecommerce site is designed to make book shopping and renting easy with intuitive and user-friendly navigation and includes seller’s panel to upload books for customers.

Technologies: PHP


Business Requirement

Client wanted us to create an e-commerce website for selling and renting books with ecommerce functionalities such as product display, searching, add to cart, rent book, subscription for books, online payment and user profile and order management.

Key Features

  • Catalog display
  • Search Filters to select books based on different categories
  • Shopping Cart
  • Renting books: Full payment accepted for books and upon timely return; money will be refunded within a week
  • Payment Gateway integrated for user and sellers for the payout
  • Displays 5 related books of same category
  • Table Rate Method Integration for Shipping
  • Create personal wishlist to rent or buy books for future reference

Approach & Solutions

  • Multi-vendor ecommerce Portal for Book selling and renting
  • Option for potential advertisers or seller to showcase books on top/feature slot to promote books.
  • Multiple payment gateway (PayPal & Mexican Bank gateway) to reach a wider audience.
  • Customized Shipping charges: Integrated Table rate shipping to fulfill the need of custom shipping charges.
  • Payout solution to sellers twice in months for successful and completed orders. Created cronjob to calculate seller payment on every 16th and 1st of every month.
  • On demand renting option instead of subscription-based model for renting to facilitate renting of books.