This gaming app for iOS and Android teaches young kids important lessons about spending and earning money wisely in an interactive and fun-filled way. The application lets kids make mistakes in the virtual world in order to make better decisions in the real life.
Technologies: Android, iOS

Business Requirement

The main aim of this gaming app is to educate students about spend/earning money wisely. Most students leave school with a very poor understanding of managing money. This lack of knowledge places young kids in the real world without the skills or tools to navigate the pitfalls of spending versus earning. This application bridges the divide by offering young students a safe environment to earn money, make mistakes in the virtual world and learn lessons which will better equip them in making real-life decisions.

Key Features

  • Avatar Selection
  • Manage expense and income
  • View monthly summary to keep track of expense and income
  • Expense categorization based on house rent, phone bill, car insurance, and tuition fees
  • Financial overview with graphical representation

Approach & Solutions

  • Created a gaming app that provides an overview of income and expense.
  • Utilized Unity3D for better animation and user experience across platforms.
  • Option of Avatar selection to educate children about balancing their income and expense in an interactive manner.
  • Different summaries to track expenses and income sources.