Celo Mobile

This chat application was designed for hospital employees to facilitate instant & daily communication, keeping patient data confidential within the application. Celo provides a smart system interface to allow simultaneous login to multiple accounts in different companies

Technologies: Android, iOS


Business Requirement

Our client approached us to develop a robust and secure real-time chat system built for hospital employees. This chat application specifically facilitates seamless employee communication and diagnosis activity, as well as allows one-to-one and group chat facility. User can also access entire history of patient-related communication for reference at any particular stage.

Key Features

  • One-one chat and Group chat
  • Option of Image Sharing
  • Multi-account chat and patient-wise separate chat thread
  • User-wise group management
  • Digital signature and watermark on image
  • Pin Verification
  • Company and Employee management
  • Auto-generate username & password algorithm

Approach & Solutions

  • Identified 3 entities involved in this system Super Admin; Company Admin; Application Users.
  • Fetch chat history from Jabber chat server & display in admin panel.
  • Defined business logic in application to handle all test-cases of multiple account chat.
  • Email notification to company admin on screen capture. Images not saved in phone gallery.
  • Identified HIPAA standards and approach for its implementation.
  • Analyzed digital signature tools; build custom tool with iPhone¬†& Android image editing libraries
  • Implemented technical safeguards like Unique User Identification, Emergency Access Procedure, Automatic Logoff, Encryption and Decryption through SSL, and Audit controls.