Flag iPhone

Application that provides details about the position of Denmark's Flag on birthdays, flag days or any pre-defined date. This app also displays list of Denmark's Flag Days and Flag Rules. iPhone user can get notification on changes of flag position based on the rules defined by the Government of Denmark.

Technologies: iOS


Business Requirement

As a patriotic citizen, client was looking to develop a mobile application that would notify users to raise flag on Denmark's Flag Days, birthdays or any defined date. This need for a mobile app steamed from the fact that people found it difficult to discover the flag position. Also, citizens were not aware about Flag position due to changing weather conditions such as wind speed and sunset time.

Key Features

  • Popup for Flag Down based on Sunset time and Wind speed more than 15m/s.
  • User can create an event in a calendar and mark it as a flag day.
  • Notification on event time which provides details about Flag days.
  • Customize notification time before event.
  • Displays detailed information about Denmark's Flag Days and Flag Rules.

Approach & Solutions

  • Integrated weather forecast API to get correct timing for Sunrise and Sunset along with wind speed to let users know when flag can be raised or about flag down.
  • Stored pre-defined national dates on which Flag should act according to the rules defined in the system.
  • Receive notifications for events and flag positions based on time settings.
  • Create Flag day event on birthday and get notified on birthday.