Guess the price

This gaming application lets player guess the price to products and services, earn Tickets and redeem Tickets to win cool prizes as well as cash. User can move to the next level by winning tickets defined for that level of game with the help of guessing the price of products.

Technologies: iOS


Business Requirement

Client wanted to develop a gaming app that allows players to guess the product’s actual price coming one-by-one with the provided options. Player will have time constraints which will result in the deduction of tickets. User can redeem their Ticket to the Admin and win cool prizes. Player with highest ticket will be declared as winner of the game.

Key Features

  • Option for mobile user to guess display product price
  • Admin can import product data with price from backend
  • Download image in background
  • Application will three different levels
  • Multilingual: English and Norwegian language support
  • Effortlessly sharing on FB, Twitter and email

Approach & Solutions

  • Web interface for Location Contributor to post Products which will be displayed on the Application for Game.
  • Web Admin Interface to manage all the Players, contributor data and Products available on Application along with Website content.
  • When user plays the game, next product image will be downloaded in background to improve application performance.
  • Integrated incorrect price calculation logic to guess current price.
  • User wins 100 tickets or correct guess and on wrong guess user will loss 100 tickets.