Loterias Dominicanas

This app for Android and iOS allows users to view lottery results on their mobile devices from specific Lottery companies. User needs to need synchronize the application to view all the details like game name, result date, winning numbers and Bonus numbers.

Technologies: Android, iOS


Business Requirement

Our client from Spain wanted us to develop an app for Android and iOS for target audience who will be eager to get lottery results instantly on their smartphones from specific Lottery companies when the results go live. This app will also allow filtering results of previous lotteries. Admin will update lottery results on server.

Key Features

  • Two way Data Synchronization
  • Advertisement Management  (Mobile-based advertisement integration)
  • Google Adsense
  • Calendar option to search previous lottery results
  • Multilingual Support in English and Spanish

Solution Approach

  • We suggested storing old/past lottery data in local device to avoid server load and improve application performance.
  • Taking into account heavy user base, especially during declaration of lottery result, app was hosted on Amazon cloud server to manage load and serve the request with minimum latency period.
  • User can synchronize old data with new one by tapping on the synchronization button (based on availability of Internet).