Hafiz Al-Quran

iOS and Android apps in Arabic which teaches Quran-e-Sharif to students along with pictorial examples of rules and definitions. This app contains Arabic PDF book - right to left page navigation, display thumb view of PDF pages.

Technologies: Android, iOS


Business Requirement

Our client based in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) wanted us to develop an application that preaches learnings of Quran-e-Sharif along with the pictorial examples in Arabic languages.

Key Features

  • Allow iPhone and Android users to read the rules of Quran and examples in form of images.
  • Listing of different rules and definitions.
  • View all examples of the selected rule/definition.
  • Social Media Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Email and Google+.

Approach & Solutions

  • Suggested developing Android application to view 72 rules/example images.
  • Recommended PDF viewer within the mobile app to read Arabic PDF books.
  • Implemented Admin panel to manage rules and example data from server and same data will be displayed to mobile users.