Strong Shield VPN is a free proxy VPN app that secures user’s activity over iOS devices, allowing safe access to social networking websites as well as VOIP-based applications without disclosing user’s identity.

Technologies: iOS


Business Requirement

Client wanted to develop an iOS application for the audience willing to mask their device IP while connecting through Internet. This application will be free-to-download. However, in order to activate IP masking and several other features user will be required to purchase subscription packages.

Key Features

  • Subscription Packages to activate several features
  • Selection of VPN server from a wide range of available servers
  • Statistics of Internet usage to provide better actionable insights
  • Multilingual Support to reach a wider audience

Approach & Solutions

  • Client was looking for solution which secures the data usage over mobile device. This need was ultimately fulfilled by utilizing VPN technology for masking the identity.
  • As client was looking to cover worldwide user base this application was developed in four languages, including English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, as well as Japanese.
  • Subscription method integration to utilize a host of features with several renewal options.  Once the purchase package reaches expiry date an automated message will be sent to user and email will be sent to admin about user subscription package.
  • Display various types of summaries which help users to gain insights about data usage.
  • Purchase History Screen displays details about packages purchased by user previously such as Package Title, Purchased Date, Expiry Date and Price.