This app for iOS and Android allows users to view alerts or live streaming video from the camera location installed in several places. Apps users can seamlessly manage camera operations like Turn On/Off from system.

Technologies: Android, iOS


Business Requirement

Our client approached us to create a mobile application to control camera installed in multiple locations. This app will provide the option to view live streaming and turn On/Off camera operation from mobile devices.

Key Features

  • Play live video streaming in device
  • Control device/camera from device
  • Default Push notification service for each new Alert from any location/camera
  • Browser-based solutions for live streaming

Approach & Solutions

  • Categorized users into Controllers and Receivers types.
  • Controllers can access locations along with the number of devices available, as well as turn on/off locations and add/delete/update devices.
  • Mobile apps access data/video from cloud server via XML based JAVA servlets.
  • Basic level live streaming API integration in past of scope like video rendering.
  • Servlet will provide video in require format and mobile apps play in default player.