Solaroid Application for iPad is designed and developed to record roof measurements which would be used for installation of Solar Panels.
Technologies: iPad

Business Requirement

Our client based in the United States approached us to develop an application for Site survey that would streamline operations. This application will replace drawing roof layouts manually by utilizing images to mark roof measurements and prepare layout.

Key Features

  • iPad application functions in both offline and online modes. Users can access app without Internet connection.
  • User can take a photo of roof image from application.
  • Select image from device gallery and draw a line on a roof image using gesture touch.

Approach & Solutions

  • Defined Color codes in Roof Marking Tool to differentiate between Edge, Eaves, and Ridges to visualize different roof variants in 2D images.
  • Automate calculation of all edges measurement of close session, by inputting single edge measurement.
  • Used inbuilt device libraries to generate PDF reports of survey in offline application.
  • Store Close Sessions marked on Roof Image as serialized objects, which differentiate each close session to ease surveyor in order to mark measurements and generate report.
  • Automate calculation of Obstruction horizontal and vertical distance in a particular close session, by providing slope factor and marking one point as Point Of Origin.
  • Add notes at any point of survey to enhance surveying capability.